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Although most people don’t immediately associate me as a web designer, I have in fact been designing websites (not just my own) for many years past.
I have noticed that a large number of people, with whom I am in regular contact, do not have their own website.
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I shall look forward to hearing from those of you who are website-less
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My 1000th Blog

Holy Spirit2

In January 2013 I was very very ill. I nearly died. But through the Power of Prayer, the Grace of God and the tender loving care of my wife, Marlene, I came back into the world. And even being physically disabled has its compensations.

Once I had received my healing miracle (which I discuss on youtube:- https://youtu.be/utVoXZRKJCU) in March 2013 I started to write my blog. And, more than three eventful years later, I have just written my 1000th blog!

I always try to add to my blog every day. And, with God’s willing assistance, nearly every day, since March 2013, I have been able to do so.

Some of the blog writings are mine – and some I have copied from heart-warming stories, scriptural messages etc that have somehow managed to find their way to my email inbox.


Visiting his grandparents, a small boy opened the big family Bible.He was fascinated as he looked through the old pages. Suddenly, something fell
out. He picked it up and found that it was an old leaf that had been pressed flat between the pages.

“Mama, look what I have found,” he called out.

“What have you got there, dear?” his mother asked.

With astonishment in his voice, the boy answered, “I think that it’s Adam’s underwear!”


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The Work of the Holy Spirit

My wife, Marlene, and I have a Faith Ministry.

This means that we have no regular source of income; we rely on God to help provide all our needs (Philippians 4: 19).

And through our absolute Faith and Trust in God we wait upon Him to open the minds and hearts of many people with whom we come into contact and who feel drawn towards giving us a freewill donation.

And if you would like to do so you can make a freewill offering to the Work of the Holy Spirit by going to:-


At the moment our laptops are very old and both have seen better days. And, since nearly dying my poor old eyes find the laptop screen too small and tiring to look at.

Many years ago I used to have a desktop computer with a 21″ screen. I am now looking to find the money (or perhaps a blessed soul will donate one to us?) so that my eye strain will be a thing of the past and I know that I shall find it much easier to write my books using a large screen desktop computer.

I know that our Father God will bless you mightily in everything you say and in everything you do.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see (Hebrews 11: 1)

Your loving support of our Faith Ministry is incredibly important to us.

God Bless


Llanelli Methodist Church4 - Sunday 3rd July 2016

Rev Stanley Barker not only preached at the combined Service at Llanelli Hill Methodist Church with Clydach Methodist Church this afternoon but also played several musical instruments to accompany Claire Rogers on the piano.

Stanley was filled with the Holy Spirit and gave a powerful message to the 25 people in the congregation.

With many peaceful blessings



Peace be with you

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‘Peace’ is an Anthology of short, heart-warming stories, poems and inspirational writings.

With 300 pages+ and 66,000 words+ it is very good value – and is easy to read – I would ask you to support the work that we are doing to expand God’s Kingdom here on earth by buying a copy of my new eBook.

Very many thanks, in advance, for your continued love and support

May our Father God bless you mightily in everything you say and in everything you do.