Mission to Wales


We are excited to announce the launch of the Mission to Wales: a joint initiative between New Wine Cymru and The Turning team from Reading, UK.

From Thurs 6  – Sat 15 July 2017 there is going to be Mission throughout the length and breadth of Wales!

On each day of the Mission there will be people out on the streets for about an hour in towns and cities cross Wales.

With training happening in each of the New Wine Cymru regions and then rolled out in surrounding towns and cities, we are planning to see Missions going on, all at the same time, in multiple locations across the whole of Wales.

This is the beginning of a plan over the coming years to roll out Mission across every town, city, village and community in Wales.

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God Bless


In Times of Trouble: May Our Lord Answer Your Cry

I’ve mentioned before that I struggle on and off with depression. It’s not overly debilitating. Rather, I know that I am feeling ‘blue’ and it will require effort to navigate the day.

My preferred response is to become glum about everything in life and ‘catastrophise’ every situation, present, past and future! If I yield to its compelling pressures, then I will become like a bear with a sore head and not nice to know.

If I choose to manage myself, then it is taking responsibility for my words and actions, a personal management that requires a lot of effort to implement consistently. The last place I want to make tracks for is the place of prayer; the last person I feel I want to talk to is God!

The psalmist talks of the ‘day of distress’ (ISV), a day we can all identify with. While we know in theory God is our best hope, it feels as though there must be many other avenues we might explore before we finally make our way into the Lord’s presence.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve looked to a myriad of alternatives to cheer my mood, rather than coming clean with God.

It is a very real discipline to bring your life under the authority of God. His response to your prayer may be delayed, yet there is purpose in this.

It may be a purpose we cannot understand, yet through it God is manifesting his grace in a variety of ways through us. As a servant of God, you are to reflect the very life of God in this world. Your circumstances entrusted to God’s provision provide the context for God’s witness to his mercy and grace. This lies at the heart of all mission.

God’s whole commitment is directed towards crafting godly character in each one of his disciples. Like the potter patiently casting and recasting his pot upon the wheel, so God will patiently work with each of us to encourage godliness; something he prizes above all else.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings


The Mission of God

One of the wonderful things I discovered on becoming a Christian was just how personal it all was. Jesus knew me; had known me from before my conception.

Had watched me grow, develop and mature, and constantly longed that I might turn my gaze towards him as he steadily gazed upon me. I was encouraged by the reality that if I alone was in need of salvation, Jesus would still have endured the cross and its shame to bring me home to himself.

I soon discovered that while this personal attention was wonderful, it was also dangerous. If not careful, I might craft a Christianity that was bespoke to my preferences alone. How quickly I joined the choir of voices criticising worship and sermon alike.

Instead of fellowshipping to grow in faith, I was appointing myself judge and jury of each and every element of the church’s practice, and on no greater authority than my own preferences! While I am unique in the eyes of God, I am not alone in benefiting from God’s love.

The final words Jesus entrusted to his disciples were to go and make disciples of others, in other words, share the friendship. The early picture of the Church is one that shared together, and Paul reminds us how Jesus demonstrated the urgency of putting others’ needs over and above our own.

The social space is increasingly defined by selfishness. There appears a lack of what is called altruism – living as though the needs of others mattered. From the simplicity of a smile, to helping in support of some valuable local community initiative, remind yourself that while loved uniquely, you are not loved alone.

The mission of God is as strong as your commitment to live out God’s life of love and acceptance in everything that makes up your world today.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings