Torment in the Land of the Kings

Legend held that Laksh’s homeland had been cursed for generations. Long ago, it is said, kings used it as a place to dispose of dead bodies and other refuse, and now spirits roamed the land, tormenting the people. When one of the spirits attacked Laksh’s wife, however, he knew she wasn’t suffering because of dead kings. This was the work of jealous neighbors.

 Neighbours Send Evil Spirit to Attack Woman

Laksh and his wife, Udgita, lived a contented life with their two children, but their neighbours weren’t as fortunate. The family members often fought with each other, and it pained them to see Laksh and Udgita’s happiness. Unable to achieve the same fulfillment, they lashed out at Udgita with a spell of black magic.

One day, Udgita closed her eyes and began murmuring things no one could understand. When people came near, she grew fearful, thinking they were trying to harm her. The same episode happened again the next month and the month after that.

A local witch doctor named Daivya began treating Udgita as the monthly attacks came, but the attacks only worsened. Now, when the evil spirit came, Udgita became violent with increased strength, ripping off her clothes and refusing to let others come near her.

One of Laksh’s relatives suggested visiting a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, Chanchal, who had prayed for other people harassed by spirits and had seen them released, but Laksh felt uneasy approaching a pastor of a different faith. He could only hope Daivya’s treatments would begin to work soon.

Torment in the Land of Kings

Pastor Offers Prayers

Udgita’s condition didn’t improve, and life still carried the same responsibilities. Laksh had bills to pay and errands to run. He was picking up some things from the store when he happened to run into Pastor Chanchal.

Casually chatting as they got ready to buy their things, Laksh put away his fear of the pastor and shared about the spell placed on his wife by their neighbors. Pastor Chanchal told Laksh about God’s love and assured him that he would visit the family soon.

Still worried, Laksh allowed Daivya to come over one more time, but while the witch doctor was in the middle of his rituals, Laksh saw Pastor Chanchal coming. Laksh told Daivya to leave the room and let the pastor take charge of Udgita’s situation, but Daivya wasn’t quick to give up his role.

“It will do more harm to your wife to involve two different religions in this matter,” Daivya warned. “I am almost at the end of doing rites. Let me complete it.”

Laksh insisted the witch doctor stop, convinced Pastor Chanchal could save his wife. Several visiting neighbors supported his decision. While Udgita slept quietly in the other room, Pastor Chanchal sat down in the living room and began reading aloud from the Bible.

Suddenly, Udgita began to shout.

Woman Lashes Out As Pastor Prays

Udgita demanded that someone close the door to her room and quickly became violent. She tore down the mosquito net over her bed and ripped off her clothes.

Unable to enter the now half-naked woman’s room himself, Pastor Chanchal told Laksh to go to Udgita and control her, but Laksh was afraid to approach her. His wife’s strength had been increasing under the evil spirit’s power, making her violent display a serious threat to anyone who came near her.

Families and individuals often seek prayer from pastors, just as Laksh reached out to Pastor Chanchal.

Torment in the Land of Kings

“Nothing will happen to you because I will be praying to the Lord here,” Pastor Chanchal assured him.

Once again, Laksh swallowed his fear and, desperate to save his wife, faced the demon inside her.

Woman Released from Torment

When Pastor Chanchal (not pictured) began reading from the Bible and praying for Udgita, the woman became so violent that even her husband feared her.

Pastor Chanchal prayed fervently as Laksh walked into the other room, and to the amazement of Daivya and the other visitors, peace descended on the home. As the pastor spoke with His God, Udgita became calm.

As soon as he realized what had happened, Daivya rushed over to Pastor Chanchal and asked for the booklet he had used to drive out the evil spirit.

“I did not use any magic book like you,” Pastor Chanchal said, “but I used the Word of God. I have no Bible to give you, but what I can give you is this piece of literature. The Word of God is written in it. You may read it.”

That evening, Daivya couldn’t stop reading the literature. The next morning, he came to Pastor Chanchal’s house full of questions, and by the end of their visit, he had found his answers in Jesus Christ.

“I want you to come over to my house,” Daivya told the pastor, “and if you could help me remove all the religious booklets [and] charms, it would be so kind of you. I will now go to my teachers, and I will tell them of the new things I have learned about Christ.”

Woman’s Husband and Former Witch Doctor Share Christ’s Love

Having seen God’s tremendous power, Laksh and Udgita also decided to follow Christ, and like Daivya, Laksh began telling his co-workers about the One who had given his family new life.

Torment in the Land of Kings

This man pores over a piece of literature, just as Ugdita’s witch doctor was desperate to know more about the Word.

Torment in the Land of Kings

For now, other villagers fear persecution too much to embrace Jesus, but some of them say they believe in God’s Word. As Daivya, Laksh and Udgita continue to share what He did in their lives, they trust their neighbours will one day have the courage to believe in Christ without reservation.

What more effective way to share God’s love than through His own Word? Put literature into the hands of missionaries like Chanchal, and see how God changes people like Daivya, Laksh and Udgita again and again.

(A Report by Gospel of Asia)


With many peaceful blessings


The Gift of Prophecy

I have more than 4,900 friends on Facebook. 99% of my Facebook friends are Christian.

My Facebook friends live in many different countries and include many Bishops, Ministers, Pastors and Preachers.

Some of my Facebook friends have the gift of prophecy. One such friend is Pastor Denis Taskin who lives in Kenya.

Denis recently wrote to me – via Facebook – with a message from the Holy Spirit that the Holy Spirit had asked Denis to pass on to me.

Sometimes – as in this instance – you don’t have to pray for anything specific because when the Holy Spirit wants to interact and connect with you, He will surely find a way to do so!

The Facebook message from Pastor Denis reads:-


God has revealed to me another phase of your prophetic future. You know we the prophets can’t prophecy through a gifting. We prophecy from the Lord by divine discernment and by revelation.

God has unravelled and showed me seven strengths about your calling.

I see a character, love, prayers, integrity, robust faith, discernment of the spirit and holiness.

I also see God assessing the strength of your Anointing by adding more power and grace to you.

I have been up for over an hour interceding for you concerning God’s will for your life. God has an amazing harvest scheduled for you.

Abundant living and divine prosperity are on the way! God will honour your faithfulness.

I Corinthians 4:1-2:-

This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover it is required of stewards that they be found faithful.

Through prayers, God revealed to me of His promises concerning your life, and He also reminded me of taking good care of His children.

Your miracle harvest is on God’s calendar. I see divine protection over your life. The enemy is also getting weaker and weaker every day. I saw angels of prosperity all around you yet your attention was being held by familiar faces.

I also see a double digit increase in your finances… You see, at times friends can be thieves of your time, money and destiny (Just be careful of them).

I see a new life style of purpose, ambition and success operating in you. I want to tell you that the Lord has selected you to see His greatest miracle breakthrough in your life.

God is about to anoint you with a powerful spiritual gift of divine knowledge and He will also give you the ability to see through the power of the Holy Spirit as never before.

Isaiah 44:26:-

Who confirms the word of his servant and fulfils the counsel of his messengers, who says of Jerusalem, ‘She shall be inhabited’, and the cities of Judah, ‘They shall be built and I shall raise up their ruins’.

Finally I see divine protection, peace, prosperity, power and plenty. More Grace and Love from your Prophet of Increase.

Pastor Denis Taskin – Stay Blessed


And Denis sent me another prophetic message shortly thereafter. He wrote:-

God is going to allow you to recover everything you lost, plus gain some extra blessings you didn’t even qualify for.

Genesis 12:1-3

The ability to prophesy is not a gift given to everyone by the Holy Spirit!

But sometimes, and the prophecies to me above on  two such occasions, the Holy Spirit initiates a direct connection when there is an important message or messages that He needs to make known to you.

Our Father God and the Holy Spirit not only want people to believe in them but also to trust them.

For myself, I have no need of proof – I believe implicitly in the existence and presence of God/the Holy Spirit.

However, I have found that occasionally they exhibit a curious sense of humour.

Recently I happened to access a file on my computer entitled ‘The Power of the Blood’. As I began reading the documents in the file, my right nostril began to bleed. It was a curious feeling as I could feel movement within my nose and blood began to show on my handkerchief as I wiped my nose.

But as soon as I stopped reading the file, my nose stopped bleeding!!!!

I felt that God and the Holy Spirit just wanted to let me know that they were both watching over me.

With many peaceful blessings


Just Checking In

A minister passing through his church in the middle of the day,
decided to pause by the altar and see who had come to pray.
Just then the back door opened, a man came down the aisle.
The minister frowned as he saw the man hadn’t shaved in a while.

His shirt was kinda shabby and his coat was worn and frayed.
The man knelt, he bowed his head, then rose and walked away.
In the days that followed, each noon time came this chap.
Each time he knelt just for a moment, a lunch pail in his lap.

Well, the minister’s suspicions grew, with robbery a main fear.
He decided to stop the man and ask him, “What are you doing here?”
The old man said, he worked down the road. Lunch was half an hour.
Lunchtime was his prayer time, for finding strength and power.

“I stay only moments, see, because the factory is so far away.
As I kneel here talking to the Lord, this is kinda what I say: –


The minister feeling foolish, told Jim, that was fine.
He told the man he was welcome to come and pray just anytime.
Time to go, Jim smiled, said “Thanks.” He hurried to the door.
The minister knelt at the altar, he’d never done it before.

His cold heart melted, warmed with love, and met with Jesus there.
As the tears flowed, in his heart, he repeated old Jim’s prayer:


Past noon one day, the minister noticed that old Jim hadn’t come.
As more days passed without Jim, he began to worry some.
At the factory, he asked about him, learning he was ill.
The hospital staff was worried, but he’d given them a thrill.

The week that Jim was with them, brought changes in the ward.
His smiles, a joy contagious. Changed people, were his reward.
The head nurse couldn’t understand why Jim was so glad,
when no flowers, calls or cards came, not a visitor he had.

The minister stayed by his bed, he voiced the nurse’s concern:
No friends came to show they cared. He had nowhere to turn.
Looking surprised, old Jim spoke up and with a winsome smile;
“the nurse is wrong, she couldn’t know, that in here all the while
every day at noon He’s here, a dear friend of mine, you see,
He sits right down, takes my hand, leans over and says to me: –


With many joy-filled  blessings


A Life of Hard Labour: A Pastor’s Sentence

A life of hard labour: A pastor’s sentence

Lim Hyeun-soo, a Korean-Canadian pastor from Toronto, has been sentenced to a life of hard labour for numerous charges – including attempting to overthrow the government and establish a religious state in North Korea.

“Pastors like Lim, who have seen so much of how North Korea treats its prisoners, cannot easily be released,” said an Open Doors field worker. “I don’t see Lim returning home anytime soon.”

Pastor Lim, aged 60, has travelled to North Korea over 100 times to do humanitarian work. Though he was not involved in the country’s underground churches, the harsh sentencing has come after several of months of crackdowns on Christians by the North Korean regime.

“A case like this does outrage the North Korean government,” says the Open Doors field worker. “North Korean believers could be dealt with even more harshly if they are exposed.”

Please Pray:

  • For Pastor Lim and his family, that they will be strengthened and comforted by God, and that Pastor Lim may be freed
  • For tens of thousands of Christians incarcerated in North Korean camps and for the underground church, that they will feel God’s protection and that they will shine like lights to those who do not know Christ
  • That Kim Jong-Un and the North Korean regime will come to know God’s love and power.

Conditions in the camps

Sources in North Korea have confirmed that, in the recent crackdowns, Christians have been murdered and others have been incarcerated in prisons and labour camps. In both detention facilities, people are starved, tortured and the death rate is extremely high.

“I was locked up for years,” said a North Korean refugee. “I will never forget the prisoners who were too weak to continue their work. The guards would pick them up and put them on an automatic belt that threw them in a large oven while the prisoners were still alive.”

Christianity in North Korea

Christianity is seen as a threat to the North Korean regime: they believe Christians spy for the enemy, meet in secret and, at most, only give lip service to the North Korean government. Such disloyalty deserves severe punishment.

Despite this tragic arrest and others, the church has survived almost 70 years of severe persecution. Between 200,000 and 400,000 Christians still secretly profess their faith.

If you receive the Open Doors Magazine, please look out for some inspiring letters written by North Korean pastors in the next mailing.

For more information about Open Doors and the many Christians who are being persecuted in many countries throughout the world please go to:-

Please join me  in praying that our Father God blesses mightily all the Christians who are being persecuted for their faith in Him and to give them the strength to endure all the atrocities perpetrated against them.

In Jesus name


Responding to the Islamic State


Even in the face of the fiercest attacks, the church in Syria has continued to stand. Robert, Open Doors co-ordinator for Syria and Iraq, says: “We observe a new development best described as an ‘internally displaced church’. Every now and then we discover complete parishes adrift. Islamic State confiscated their church building, demolished their valuables, and burned their Bibles.

“Despite this, the priest and his deacons continue holding services. Functions are fulfilled and prayers ascend to God. All tangible elements of the church have disappeared, yet the church as the Body of Christ still functions.”


The church is a vital lifeline for thousands of people in Syria. Pastor Samuel says: “If we did not help the suffering families who have no income, how would they survive? Who would help if the church doesn’t help?”

Open Doors is providing food and other essential items to almost 10,000 families – around 50,000 people – every month through local partners like Pastor Samuel. This is only possible thanks to the faithful prayers and generosity of people like you. A gift of £71 today can provide an emergency food parcel to feed a family of five in Syria for a month.

With many thanks for your prayers.

Lisa Pearce
CEO Open Doors UK & Ireland

He Didn’t Like The Pastor

When Pastor Chanchal and Lahar met, Lahar was uninterested and even hostile toward what Pastor Chanchal had to say. Lahar had his own religious beliefs, a family to take care of and an inner battle to wage—a battle between leading a responsible life and giving in to the addiction that threatened to destroy that life.

Even though Lahar often grumbled at Pastor Chanchal’s words and sometimes even scolded him, the two men continued to talk with one another. For years, Pastor Chanchal spent time with Lahar and his family once or twice a week. As their relationship deepened, Lahar gradually became interested in what the pastor had to say, and Pastor Chanchal had opportunities to tell the family about Jesus’ love.

Man Struggles to Fight Alcoholism, Provide for Family

Lahar’s life had always involved struggle: When Lahar was young, his father neglected his family, blinded to their needs by his alcoholism, so Lahar bore the burden of providing for his parents and siblings.

Unfortunately, Lahar began walking in his father’s shoes: He became addicted to alcohol at the age of 18. After Lahar married, his alcoholism brought much grief to his wife, Lajja, and drove her away to her parents’ home for three years.

With effort, Lahar eventually stopped drinking and reunited with his wife. Together, the couple worked to provide for their growing family. Eventually, they started a business; it seemed their lives were getting better.

An Unlikely Friendship Develops

Meanwhile, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Chanchal, who had started ministering in Lahar’s village. One day, Pastor Chanchal offered Lahar a piece of Christian literature. Like most of the other villagers, Lahar didn’t want to hear the message of hope Pastor Chanchal had to share. But Lahar did allow Pastor Chanchal to continue visiting his family, and over the course of several years, a friendship grew.

Pastor Chanchal’s words touched the heart of Lahar’s mother, and she started attending the local church. But because Lahar’s father was the elder of their village, people criticized the family for her interest in Christ. Under society’s pressure, Lahar and his father told her she couldn’t attend church for more than a year. But Lahar’s mother continued walking with Jesus, and soon the source of family turmoil shifted from her to Lahar.

Man Hits Rock Bottom

Lahar slipped back into the grip of alcoholism, throwing away the hard work he had invested to quit drinking, reunite with his wife and start a business. Not only did Lahar waste his days drinking with friends, but he also started stealing things at night. He, like his father, stopped providing for his family.

During this time, Lajja and her children experienced Christ’s love through Lahar’s mother, who helped take care of them. Seeing this love led Lajja and her children to the feet of Jesus too. Soon Lajja began joining her mother-in-law in praying for Lahar’s life to change.

As they prayed, Pastor Chanchal continued reaching out to Lahar. The pastor told him of Jesus’ grace and invited him to church. As God responded to prayer and spoke through the Pastor’s encouraging words, Lahar’s life began to change. He stopped stealing and drinking alcohol, and he visited the church one Sunday.

There, as Lahar stood among the believers worshiping, he felt as if a burden had been lifted from him. With a new peace and joy in his life, he decided to entrust his life to Jesus, and he has continued to change from the inside out! Now Lahar takes care of his family, and they rejoice in the redemption Jesus has worked in their lives. Lahar even supports his friend, Pastor Chanchal, as he continues ministering the grace of Jesus in the village.

Many Find Friendship with Jesus

Through Pastor Chanchal’s commitment to befriend and share hope with Lahar and his family, Lahar found the best friend of all, Jesus Christ.

What a wonderfully true story!!!

With many peaceful blessings


Niger:- Rioters Vow to Burn Last Churcch


Rioters vow to burn last church

Rioters have vowed to destroy the last church building in Zinder, Niger’s second largest city. “We hear the protesters are full of anger because they have burned eight churches in Zinder, but not this one,” says Pastor Sanoussi, who leads the remaining church.

The other churches were destroyed last month in the violent backlash to the Charlie Hebdo cartoon; at least three Christians were killed, two women were raped, 68 churches and Christian institutions destroyed and 43 homes burnt down in the Niger violence.

Please Pray:

  • Thank God for pastors like Sanoussi who are caring for their flocks during these difficult times. Ask God to give them strength and comfort as they comfort others.
  • For healing for those who are bereaved or recovering from physical attacks
  • For protection for God’s people in Niger
  • For God to change the hearts of those who are planning further attacks.

Believers stand strong

“Until now, the atmosphere in Niger between people of different tribes and faiths has been cordial, so the Christians are shocked by the events,” an Open Doors worker says. Niger is close to the extreme north of Nigeria, where the militant Islamist group Boko Haram are active, often spilling over the border into Niger.

Open Doors has been working to prepare believers for persecution through our Standing Strong Through The Storm course. One worker says: “It has prepared many of the believers to stand strong and be vigorous about their faith even in the midst of persecution.”

Another said: “We were comforted with the Word of God that shows we will be persecuted but that we should bless the Muslims. The Lord loves them and we also have to love them.”

Say ‘Yes’ to your persecuted church family in Niger

Open Doors has been able to provide emergency relief, support to help families and churches rebuild, training and micro-loans for Christians whose shops were destroyed, and trauma counselling for rape victims. We were working in Niger before these attacks happened, our workers were on the ground as the attacks broke out, and we intend to be there for as long as our help is needed.

None of this would be possible without your support. If you haven’t already, please consider committing to support your persecuted church family by taking the Step of Yes.

With many thanks for your prayers.

From the Open Doors Prayer Team

For further information please visit:-



With many peaceful blessings