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The Holy Spirit – my new e-book!

Please help me sell 1,000 copies of this e-book by March 5th.  All monies will be going to the ‘House of Prayer’.

The Holy Spirit has been with me since the day that I was born, I just didn’t realise it.

Through many challenging years, and having passed through many life-changing hurdles, I can understand now, with rear view vision, that the Holy Spirit has been leading me, for many years past, towards the love of our dearest Father God.

And His great and unconditional love has given me a whole lease of a new life. A second chance!

I have discovered that there is nothing – absolutely nothing – that cannot be accomplished by praying to our Father God. This book is a testimony to my faith and the complete trust I have that He will listen to my prayers – and answer them.

And I hope and pray that my words will fall on fertile ground and that you will – after reading my book – also allow the Holy Spirit into your life.

Within its 185 pages – and 51,000+ words – I have tried to share with you how much your life can – and will – change when you become empowered by the Holy Spirit.

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Religious Liberty

For many years I worked in the field of religious liberty. So many Christian believers daily face discrimination and much worse simply on account of their faith. It is sad in today’s world that faith can stir up so much antagonism, when the fruit of faith is a creative and constructive contribution to the quality of society. It is perhaps a reminder to all of us to live out our faith far more intentionally so that the fruit might be more readily experienced by those around us. This is surely central to Jesus’ call to go and make disciples.

I remember as a new Christian meeting and spending time with Bishop Janani Luwum of Uganda. He fearlessly led the Church, was a statesman of great stature and did not shrink back from criticising the dictator Idi Amin when his government committed atrocities. I remember him explaining to me that God required us to stand up for his truth no matter the opposition, for there was none greater than God. He also advised me that I might read of him turning up dead in unexplained circumstances – something he said with a broad smile that did not match his words.

In 1977 it was announced that Luwum had died tragically in a car accident, along with two government ministers. When his body was released to his family, it was found to be riddled with bullets; a result of Amin’s revenge for his ‘treason’.

The writer to the Hebrews reminds us that ‘we are not among those who shrink back and so are lost, but among those who have faith and so are saved’ (10:39, NRSV). Challenging words, yet timely given the unstable world in which we live, a world where faith must be seen to be fruitful and Christians known for who and what they truly are.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings


Thought For The Day

As a parent you soon learn that pleasant though silence is, where a toddler is involved it usually means trouble! One afternoon when looking after my daughter, and having left her contentedly playing in her room, I realised that my last hour had not been disturbed once by the normal intrusion of an inquisitive youngster.

Time to investigate…A good job, as I was greeted by a face decorated with Mum’s make-up and an endearingly cheeky smile. This, of course, the make-up in which her previous repeated interest had been forbidden with strict instructions that it was off-limits.

The Israelites, rather like my daughter, had been left to their own devices rather too long. Moses was away up Mount Sinai conversing with God while they remained below, pumped up about serving a God who was about to covenant with them. In their enthusiasm, they implored Aaron to create something for them to worship, such was their hunger for God.

There is nothing to say that they rejected God, only that they wanted to create some form to which they might direct their worship; an early form of a ‘designer religion’.

It may well be that you want to honour your saviour, yet it may also be that you want to do so in a way that best serves your needs. The whole purpose of gathering to worship is to demonstrate that God is worthy of our veneration, declare the simple truth of our faith as captured in the Apostles’ Creed, draw encouragement and strength from God in the Eucharist, and recommit to live by God’s Rule in a lawless society to which we return.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings


Prove It!

It is related that the famous French artist Gustave Dore was once wandering in the mountains of Switzerland, when some officials met him and demanded his passport. “I do not have it with me,” he replied, “but my name is Gustave Dore.” “Prove it, if you are,” replied the officers, knowing who Dore was–but not believing that this was he. Taking a piece of paper, the artist hastily sketched a group of peasants who were standing near, and did it with such grace and skill that the officials exclaimed, “Enough, you are Dore!”

In the same way, the world cares little for a mere profession. We say we are Christians, and the challenge is, “Prove it!” If we are of Christ, then we must do the works of Christ, live the life of Christ, and show the spirit of Christ. The artist’s skillful drawing proved his identity. Just so, we must prove that we are the followers of our Master by the love, the grace, the beauty, the holiness of our life.

Religion is not merely a matter of creed and profession, or of church-going and public worship; it is far more a matter of daily life. It is not how we behave on Sundays, nor the kind of creed we hold, nor the devoutness of our worship–it is the way we act at home, in school, in business, in society, in our associations with others. It is vitally important that all who profess Christ–shall manifest Christ’s beauty in their life and character. It is not enough to preach the gospel in words alone; others must also read it in our daily life. “So that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders.” 1 Thessalonians 4:12

“Whoever says he abides in Christ, ought to walk and conduct himself in the same way in which He walked and conducted Himself.” 1 John 2:6

(Roxee Rico)


With many peaceful blessings


An Introduction to William Barclay

William Barclay was born on December 5th 1907 in Wick, Scotland, and passed away on January 24th 1978 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Barclay was a Church of Scotland Minister and a Professor of Divinity and Biblical criticism at the University of Glasgow.

He was very well known for the many radio and television programmes in which he participated.

He specialised in the New Testament and wrote numerous books containing easily understood commentaries on all the chapters within the New Testament.

And today, a large number of preachers regularly use his commentaries when preparing their sermons.

Here are just a few of his quotes:-

* Religion fails if it cannot speak to men as they are.

* A man may well be condemned, not for doing something but for doing nothing.

* The tragedy of life and of the world is not that men do not know God; the tragedy is that, knowing Him, they still insist on going their own way.

* Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.

* The word grace emphasizes at one and the same time the helpless poverty of man and the limitless kindness of God

* We will often find compensation if we think more of what life has given us and less about what life has taken away.

WISE words, indeed!

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are and whatever you may be doing.

With many blessings of loving abundance



I Thought Of You

“When I was sad, I thought of you
And of the troubles you’ve been through,
The tragedies more than your fair share —
Too much for one lone soul to bear.

Yet I have never seen you cry;
You always hold your head on high
And faced the world and went your way,
Although your heart wept with dismay.

Your courage was a star Heaven sent
That showed me what true valour meant,
So that when my poor pluck seemed all gone,
I thought of you……..and carried on”.


Somehow this poem is very poignant. The words mean so much to me – and, hopefully, you too

God Bless