Your Gift of Life – at Christmas

Creaking on the staircase –
Noise outside my door –
A rustle in the chimney –
It’s ‘Santa-time’ once more.

St. Nicholas is on his way
With all his Christ-life gifts
To fire every child-light with
The loving Christ-mass kiss.

In some he’ll place the gift of gold –
In others frankincense –
While others will be given myrrh –
All signs of God’s presence.

For in each earthly crib or bed
In squalor, comfort, splendour –
The Christ child has been placed again
To call the world to wonder.

So come you kings, come one, come all,
Come shepherds to the cradle stall
And hear the angels sing anew
The heavenly song they sing for you.

Your God is in your gift of life –
The life He gives with love –
So take the gift and use it,
Use it wisely, don’t abuse it,
Let the Christ-life fire your spirit
That God in you may LIVE.

Sam Doubtfire


With many peaceful blessings