God’s Tapestry

A museum had acquired a new exhibit. It was an item of tapestry, and when it had been unpacked the curator noticed it didn’t have a picture. Instead, it was just a jumbled mix of coloured strands.

One day, the designer of this tapestry visited the museum and the curator was quick to confront him.

The curator explained that the public disliked the designer’s contribution. It was offensive and had to be removed.

The designer was surprised at this reaction. Later, he went to see where his work was displayed and exclaimed: “It’s the wrong way round! You’ve hung my tapestry back to front!”

When the tapestry was hung correctly, the curator now saw a magnificent picture. It was a masterpiece – an inspired
work of art.

In this story, the tapestry represents our lives. The mixture of coloured strands are symbolic of all our human experiences and feelings. When we view our lives from one perspective, it can appear to be in a mess. All we can see is a confused jumble of pain, hurts, frustrations and difficulties.

Life seems to be a puzzle and has no meaning.

But our Creator God sees life from another viewpoint. He turns life’s tapestry around to reveal a true picture. God’s perspective shows life with a purpose, peace and power.

God is the Master Designer who can change the ugly into the beautiful. He can use all the colourful aspects of our life and interweave them to fill our lives with His light and love.

With God’s Spirit within us, He can turn us around so that in His sight we become a picture of holiness.

Lester Amann


With many peaceful blessings