Jesus: The Way, The Truth And The Life

Years ago I had the privilege of staying in a Turkish home. I very quickly noticed differences to the life I was used to in the UK. All shoes were removed before entering the apartment, leaving an untidy collection of footwear outside every front door.

Then, whenever we visited someone, or received visitors, a box of biscuits or pastries were always presented to the host, which accompanied chai or coffee. Initially I was completely ignorant of this custom, yet once inducted I chose to adopt it myself. Initially I felt uncomfortable, since it was all new to me.

The disciples listen attentively as Jesus describes his imminent departure, but in spite of his many reassurances, Thomas explains that while loyal to Jesus, how can they follow him if they don’t know where he’s going? Then the simple clarification; Jesus is the Way.

This Way as lived and taught by Jesus was to become the customary way of life for the followers of Jesus, who, post-Pentecost, established this Way within the Church. It’s the Way of attending to teaching, engaging in worship, practising hospitality, performing simple acts of service and caring for all as if they themselves were Jesus.

Today, with free and easy access to the Internet and a rising interest in all things spiritual, it’s easy to find alternative ways of encountering God.

However, Christian discipleship has never been offered in DIY kit form; it’s the life Jesus lived and best set out in the Beatitudes and Jesus’ own prayer. It’s demonstrated by the character of the life he pursued on earth, only ever doing that which the Father told him.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings