Mission to Wales


We are excited to announce the launch of the Mission to Wales: a joint initiative between New Wine Cymru and The Turning team from Reading, UK.

From Thurs 6  – Sat 15 July 2017 there is going to be Mission throughout the length and breadth of Wales!

On each day of the Mission there will be people out on the streets for about an hour in towns and cities cross Wales.

With training happening in each of the New Wine Cymru regions and then rolled out in surrounding towns and cities, we are planning to see Missions going on, all at the same time, in multiple locations across the whole of Wales.

This is the beginning of a plan over the coming years to roll out Mission across every town, city, village and community in Wales.

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God Bless


Jesus’ First Miracle

John 2 tells us that there was a marriage in Cana to which the mother of Jesus, the disciples and Jesus were invited. When the wine ran out, Mary said to her son, “They have no wine.”

Jesus replied, “What have I to do with you? My time has not yet come.”

For Jesus had not yet begun his ministry.

Until that moment He was only the son of Mary, the son of a carpenter, who worked in a workshop.

But Mary totally ignores his rebuke! She goes to the servants and says, “Whatever my son says to you, DO IT!”

But Jesus had only just said that he was not ready to do a miracle. He had, in fact, rebuked His mother!

But His mother, Mary, who had never seen a miracle worked by her son (the Bible clearly states that this was to be His first miracle), had always treasured the message of the Angel Gabriel in her heart. So she went straight to the servants and says, in effect, “My son, Jesus, will shortly come to you and may tell you to do something stupid – but DO IT, anyway!”

Without Mary’s preparation and believe in her son, there would probably have been no miracle that day.

Now Jesus goes to the servants and says, “There’s no wine – give them water!”

Because He KNEW that if they OBEYED Him, the miracle would happen!

But if they didn’t obey Him, there would be no miracle.

Because, of course, Jesus wasn’t working the miracle alone. He couldn’t do it without cooperation. Firstly, His mother – that was a pure act of faith.

The anticipation! The Bible says that this was His first miracle. Jesus was just like anyone else. Then when He says to the servants, “Do something stupid and fill the wine casks with water” – it suddenly turned into the very best wine.

The miracle was only made possible because of Mary’s anticipation and the servants’ obedience.

And this miracle was to begin the ministry of Jesus. John 2:11 says, “This beginning of Miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee and manifested forth his glory – and His disciples believed on Him!”

So up until that time, even the disciples themselves were not convinced of the difference with Jesus – UNIL THEY ACTUALLY WITNESSED THE MIRACLE!

From the words of David Hathaway


With many peaceful blessings



The Master’s Vessels

The Master was searching for a vessel to use;
On the shelf there were many – which one would He choose?
Take me, cried the gold one, I’m shiny and bright,
I’m of great value and I do things just right.
My beauty and lustre will outshine the rest
And for someone like You, Master, gold would be the best!

The Master passed on with no word at all;
He looked at a silver urn, narrow and tall;
I’ll serve You, dear Master, I’ll pour out Your wine
And I’ll be at Your table whenever You dine,
My lines are so graceful, my carvings so true,
And my silver will always compliment You.

Unheeding the Master passed on to the brass,
It was wide mouthed and shallow, and polished like glass.
Here! Here! Cried the vessel, I know I will do,
Place me on your table for all men to view.

Look at me, called the goblet of crystal so clear,
My transparency shows my contents so dear,
Though fragile am I, I will serve You with pride,
And I’m sure I’ll be happy in Your house to abide.

The Master came next to a vessel of wood,
Polished and carved, it solidly stood.
You may use me, dear Master, the wooden bowl said,
But I’d rather You used me for fruit, not for bread!

Then the Master looked down and saw a vessel of clay.
Empty and broken it helplessly lay.
No hope had the vessel that the Master might choose,
To cleanse and make whole, to fill and to use.

Ah! This is the vessel I’ve been hoping to find,
I will mend and use it and make it all mine.
I need not the vessel with pride of its self;
Nor the one who is narrow to sit on the shelf;
Nor the one who is big mouthed and shallow and loud;
Nor one who displays his contents so proud;
Not the one who thinks he can do all things just right;
But this plain earthy vessel filled with My power and might.

Then gently He lifted the vessel of clay.
Mended and cleansed it and filled it that day.
Spoke to it kindly. There’s work you must do,
Just pour out to others as I pour into you.